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The House of Gathering

"Perhaps a whisper called for us long before the world was born.... And like the suns and moons and stars above, perhaps we came into our being in response to some Heavenly thought. And one day the sky opened wide sending forth Heavenly dreams upon the earth....each holding the secret code of life in all it's glory and all it's melencholy. Sometimes I think we're really here to fulfill the original dream born of the Heavens above."               Erica Sarzin-Borrillo  - "The House of Gathering"

The House of Gathering is a collection philosophical essays and visionary poetry . It's is a publication of Balboa Press; a division of Hay House. It can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble's on line site, and is presently being sold at "The Tattered Cover". Please feel free to visit the web site where you can find my blog , and excerpts from the book...

Praise for the House of Gathering


"Ms. Sarzin-Borrillo has a most extraordinary gift of describing the soul's journey and her poetry comes closer to expressing it than any writing I've ever experienced. Each piece is like looking at a thousand lights of the Soul, each stimulating an inner sense that brings us closer to the truth of our own essence. We are lifted on word wings that guide us inward to the awakening of our soul self. This poetry jump starts that journey for those who have forgotten and for those who need reminding."                                                                                                        - Robert Stempson co- author of "The Sixth Sense"


"Using words as wands the wildly talented artist, visionary,mystic, and magic maker, Erica Sarzin-Borrillo offers a feast of life in all it's stages and surprises. Here is truth telling wrought in poetic images and stunning cadence. The Goddess takes up residence in this potent book and the reader is never the same."                                                                 - Jean Houston, PhD.


"Erica Sarzin-Borrillo's mystical poetry awakens us to to our divine essence. It inspires, consoles, and invites us to come home to the eternal lover, and be the ressurection of this world. As with the passionate verses of Hafiz and Rumi, here is expression of the ecstatic love affair, rich with depth, humor, mystery, and inspiration. This is poetry which is not created or manufactured, but birthed. In the House of Gathering you will experience longing, benediction, and forgiveness. And you will want to plunge into these inviting depths again and again..."

                 -Jane Smith Bernhardt, "We are Here: love never dies, and "The Sweet Conversation": a guide to Spiritual listening

Be inspired and find the goddess within at Erica Sarzin Borrillo's blog.


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