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Erica Sarzin-Borrillo is a gifted artist, healer, and psychic. With a background in Jungian psychology her readings are focused and expressed through the ancient yet eternal wisdom of the greater archetypes and masters. 

   A natural born mystic, she has devoted her life to the continuing studies in the field of Human potential and metaphysics under the mentorship of Jean Houston. Her offerings include: Tarot, guided meditation, crystal healing, energy work, and Transformational workshops. She is also a Young Living Essential Oil Representative.

    Ms. Sarzin-Borrillo is also a Visionary writer and creator of "Oracle of the Divine Feminine". Her recently published book of mystical poetry , "The House of Gathering" can be found on Amazon, Balboa Press, and Barnes and Noble. 


 Mythic Healing Arts integrates the arts and healing arts along with a variety of tools for these changing times filled with challenges as well as possibility. Our mission is to mid-wife the birth of new vision, and to restore the balance of mind, body, and Soul. These offerings come whole heartedly with a passion for awakenings...for evolution...and for Love and Light! 


Psychic Readings in Denver Colorado
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