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"I will forever cherish the gift of my reading. Erica's words seemed channeled from a heightened source of Spiritual truth and Divine guidance!"  -Jane B.

Psychic Readings by Mythic Healing Arts
Psychic Readings


In a sense, a psychic is a kind of Spiritual chiropractor ...and healer. We call in Spirit, angels, archetypes and work with the symbols of your Soul's journey into wholeness. And so for some of us, the "Mythos process" is integral to the psychic reading. As an empath and Seer, I offer you insight and inspiration.  But above all I am here to fascilitate a kind of quickening or Soul shift through directly addressing deep seated Spiritual issues and blockages..... blockages that have held you from your highest potential. Click here to Schedule a Session.

30 Minutes - $65                            45 Minutes - $95                               60 Minutes - $125

Visual Journaling Workshops


Some years ago I was introduced to something called "Visual Journaling". I never imagined the impact it would have on me. It became a morning ritual that led to what I can only describe as a true Spiritual opening, not to mention an explosion of new found talents. I became a painter with a grand body of work, a poet and author .

What I came to realize is what Joseph Campbell eluded to.... that when one truly follows bliss... and fully enters into that bliss, you will find yourself spiritually escorted to  the ground of being and consciousness in ways you never dreamed. Visual Journaling is yet one more tool towards transformation  and one I offer in workshop. Click here to inquire about this workshop.



Denver Psychic Journal
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