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Mythic Healing Arts Testimonials

"My reading with Erica was totally life changing. I couldn't believe how quickly she got to the root of my problem yet helped me turn it around. When I first came to see her, I had been feeling really lost and confused. When I walked out I felt empowered. Erica is the real deal! This was by far the best experience I've ever had with with a psychic. "

Hillarie P.

“Erica is a most extraordinary psychic counselor. She seems to have her own unique style of receiving guidance for each person who seeks her expertiseand obviously draws from a rich mine of experience. She speaks of the archetypes and through the archetypes with a depth that is mystical yet accessable. I could feel that she connected to the energy of my Soul and  her words were precise and inspiring.I felt they were directed through Erica from a heighted source of Spiritual Truth. I cherished the gift of this reading that held a very positive mirror up to my path while offering inspiration for this stage of my journey. In the symbiosis of  the Tarot cards and a dedicated reader, she undeniably channeled Divine guidance for my path..."

 Jane S. 

  • "Erica Borrillo has these amazing intuitive abilities to hone in on your Journey and help you achieve your dreams.  She draws out the best in you,  and for me personally,  helped to energize a sense of self-confidence to take those next steps.  Her readings are quite uplifting, compassionate,  and she 'de-mystifies' the process with a fresh look at your reality,  and what you wish to change."       

  • Debbie L.

"Erica has a unique gift to tune in and delve deeply into your psyche, but more than that she approaches everyone from a place of love and acceptance. She is clearly a person who understands the human ego, but she also values honesty and clarity and puts love first."

Paul P.

"Erica has a divine gift that truly inspires the opening of the Soul and it's calling. . I have had  numerous sessions with her and always felt a deep sense of clear and compassionate assistance with many areas of my life.  She's different than most readers or intuitive healers because of the many modalities she draws upon to align your energy . I would recommend Erica to anyone that feels they are ready to stand in their power and open to their calling. The kind of Soul work Erica fascilitates and information she is able to bring forth is life changing!" Eugene E.


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